a better way to work

Community clubs are not easy to manage; they rely on the goodwill of volunteers to give their time to lead, communicate, fundraise, coach, train, manage and so on.

IRONBOLT Clubs helps community & sporting clubs work more efficiently by bringing together the management of people, assets, events and communications into one software platform.

It is a better way to work:

  • Save administration time
  • Increase member engagement
  • Protect valuable data
A modern software platform to make your club work better

"Save administration time"

Any organisation requires a leadership group; a number of individuals who will oversee the governance of the organisation. For clubs, this will probably include a Secretary, Treasurer and President. Possibly a Fundraising Coordinator or Event Planner. And perhaps a Facilities or Equipment Manager. If it’s a sporting club, then a Director of Sports or Competition.

IRONBOLT Clubs will allow each organisation to explicitly define the roles and responsibilities for their club, and then assign who has that role. It is built to expect a high level of turnover, ensuring continuity for the club when the leadership team changes. Using workflows and exception reporting, users are not expected to be an IT expert but are guided through the software.

The distribution of responsibilities across multiple people allows for the flexibility which a smaller organisation needs. Tasks such as Event Planning or Membership Renewals can be spread across multiple users allowing the work to become manageable.

"Protect valuable data"

When considering risks to any business or organisation, data security should be considered the highest. This is true regardless of size, from a large corporation to a small community club. What data is held about the people who are part of the club? Where is it held? Who has access to it, and what happens to it once someone leaves the club?

Without a centralised data platform, this type of data may be held across multiple systems, including spreadsheets, text documents and email servers. IRONBOLT resolves this issue as it holds all personalised data within a single secure database, with access controlled and audited. Data Retention rules are published so everyone within the organisation is clear as to what data it kept and what data is not.

"Increase member engagement"

Any community group benefits when the people who make up that organisation feel both connected to each other, and secure within that group. IRONBOLT Clubs provides everyone within the club with easy-to-use solutions such as Membership Renewals, Event Registration or Asset Bookings. In additional, users of IRONBOLT are able to view what data is held about them, and understand the club’s data retention policies.

For sporting clubs, IRONBOLT provides coaches with additional tools to support Athlete Management which prioritises participation over elite performance.

Customer Testimonials

At Richmond Rowing Club, we have been using Ironbolt for several years as a way to manage our boat bookings, plan sessions, keep track of our membership and process new members, as well as reserving our venue for private events. The functionality has proven very useful in keeping our operations organised and efficient. We appreciate the support from the Ironbolt team in addressing any issues and helping us make the most of their platform.  
Richmond Rowing Club
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